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A Better Life Is Within Reach

But It Requires Your Participation!

Thrive2Heal is a counseling and therapeutic organization that believes healing and restoration begins with a choice! Our approach is to provide practical and applicable strategies that an individual, couple, or family can implement to obtain emotional and mental health. We intentionally take our clients by the hand and walk with them on their journey to wholeness. We aid them in facing their issues in order to take control of their lives and go beyond surviving to THRIVING!

Meet Vanessa

Human Service Counseling Professional

I started my journey in the Human Service field in 1993 and ever since; serving families has always been a part of my life. Although I have a BS in Psychology and MA in Human Service Counseling with a focus on crisis and trauma; I think my life experiences have added just as much value to the work I do with children and families. Pursuing my Ed.D in Community Care and Counseling (Traumatology) will allow me to further educate other human service professionals on the impact trauma has on individuals emotionally and mentally.  I am also an experienced professional with a background in Business Analysis, Project Management, and Customer Advocacy.  I think the word we use for someone like me is "well rounded."

I believe that every person in need of services deserves to work with someone who provides those services without judgement or bias.  They should have someone who serves from a place of transparency, compassion and empathy.  My goal with each person or family is to give them hope to heal and courage to do the work necessary to live life from a place of emotionally and mental stability. 

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Meet Vanessa

Areas of Service

Areas of Service

Individual & Family Counseling

Individual and family counseling sessions are customized to meet the needs of the client/clients. This customization is designed to provide insightful and practical  strategies that can empower individuals as they journey towards emotional and mental heath.  

Parent Coaching

Parent coaching services are designed with a strength based approach to improve parenting skills and utilize them to re-direct challenging behaviors in the home. This forward focus approach does not penalize parents for any past experiences but enables them to learn new parenting strategies that will positively impact the overall health of their family. 

Mentoring services are provided to youths that need assistance and guidance developing skills in areas such as decision making, conflict resolution, and improved communication. Services also include developing a treatment plan that provides strategies for life skills development. 

Supervised Visitation

Supervised visitation is designed to provided a safe and therapeutic environment to strengthen families and provide an opportunity to build healthier relationships. Families are encouraged to interact with each other while being mindful of maintaining healthy boundaries and physical safety. 

Therapeutic Groups

Group Mentoring creates an atmosphere where mentees face their struggles along side others who are on the same journey. Some people can flourish in a one on one setting, but there are others that find the group mentoring setting to be a place of safety and connection.



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The Journey Towards Mental and Emotional Health Begins With Your Choice!

"Thank you for the countless ways your counseling facilitated our growth as a family.  We know that God put you in our path in our time of need."

William and Laura


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